Merger and Acquisition Integration

Mergers and acquisitions are high-stakes moves, and most executives are acutely aware of the potential downsides of a failed integration. But companies routinely overlook one key opportunity embedded in the integration process: the chance to develop both the current and the next generation of leaders.

Integration provides a chance for senior leaders from both sides of a deal to build their skills in creating strategic alignment.

“The Merger Dividend”

Harvard Business Review

July, 2011

Partners InSynQ provides the framework for leaders and other high potential employees to build an organizationally aligned “new co”.  A focus on critical elements during the pre-acquisition phase will build the foundation for a strong integration.



  • HR/Organizational Due Diligence
  •  Culture Fit Determination during Due Diligence
  •  Organizational Integration Planning

Once the deal is signed, the important work of integration continues. Taking advantage of leaders from both sides of the equation encourages a greater likelihood of success – at a faster rate of speed.



  • Organizational alignment encompassing areas such as: strategy and structure, talent, processes, rewards, and team commitment
  • Leadership Integration
  • Cultural Integration

How the integration is handled clearly sets the stage for the attitudes and behaviors of the new organization.  Partners InSynQ helps you pay attention to the key organizational components required for success, providing a strong competitive advantage going forward.